Table 3

Proportion of students who identified the health claim of the (news item part 1) and the proportions who requested different types of information for appraising that claim (part 2)

N (of 2229)%
Part 1: h ealth claim
Credited responses 142064
 Mostly complete71032
Non-credited responses 80936
 Wrong, vague or other41518
Part 2: information requests
Credited responses 652*†29†
 Social context573
 Related research9<1
Non-credited responses 157771
 Future studies36516
 Wrong, vague or other61828
  • *Comprise all students who made one or more information requests, including the 50 students who were not credited on the news item part 1 (health claim).

  • †The total sum of requests will exceed 652 as 154 students made requests relating to more than one unique scientific category.