Table 4

Characteristics of the requests related to methods, data and theory (specifications of table 3)

Type of requestExamples of students’ responsesNo. of requests%
Methods 471 100
 RudimentaryHow was the study conducted?8017
 DesignDid they use a control group? How long did the study last?6013
 Agent delivery (procedure)How much corn is necessary to eat? How often?10021
 ParticipantsHow many were tested? Who participated in the study? What was their eating habits?23049
 MeasuresDid they measure the participants’ blood sugar?1>1
Data/ s tatistics 191 100
 RudimentaryWe need the results.11158
 Absolute nature of data*For how many did this (not) work?3217
 Comparative nature of data*What is the reduction in risk? How large was the effect?4323
 Duration of effectDoes it work over time?53
Theory/ a gent 149 100
 IdentificationWe need to know what corn is composed of (nutrients).21
 Agent mechanismsWhat ingredient in corn prevents type II diabetes? Why does corn prevent type II diabetes?11779
 (Side) effectsIs there any side effect of eating corn?2315
 Alternative agentsDo other corn products have this effect?75
  • *For the dependent variable (here: diabetes risk).