Table 3

Summary of UCT reported in PHC8–10 12 20–39

IndicatorWomenMenBoth genders
Acceptability if offered test in PHC55%–81.4%3.8%–29.4% (Denmark)9.5%–70.6%
% who got tested in PHC (coverage)27%–50%6%–17.1%3.32%–87.3%
% in high risk who got tested in PHC45%–77.6%
% of “x“ gender tests performed in PHC18% (UK)5.1%–9% (UK)15%–21%
% of the tests in PHC that were performed on “x“ gender63.1%–98%2%–36.9% (calculated)
% of PHC patients who request chlamydia testing when consulting for STI74.8% (Netherlands)
% patients in PHC who get tested61.7%–63.8% (UK)
  • PHC, primary healthcare; STI, sexually transmitted infection; UCT, uptake of chlamydia testing.