Table 2

Data charting domains and descriptions to be used for data extraction

Article details
 Article citationCitation details of studies or report.
 Article typeStudy type including empirical research studies, case studies or programme reports.
 CountryCountry the article is from.
Study details
 Study designStudy design of empirical research articles or evaluation design for programme reports.
 ParticipantsCharacteristics of the study or programme participants.
 InterventionDescription of the intervention.
  Intervention mechanismTheory of change of intervention.
  Intervention structureDetailed intervention components, delivery and facilitators.
  Intervention durationDuration of intervention.
 ComparisonDescription of any comparison groups.
 Study outcomes and measuresList of outcomes and other measures assessed in study or programme evaluation.
 FindingsMain results of the study.
RecommendationsAuthors’ recommendations based on findings or experiences.