Table 3

Effect of frailty on fear of falling

Fear of fallCrude analysisAdjusted analysis*
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Physical definition (FP)<0.001<0.001
 Pre-frail3.332.08 to 5.332.791.64 to 4.73
 Frail19.249.71 to 38.1213.266.30 to 27.93
Accumulation of deficits (FI)9.976.37 to 15.57<0.0017.484.49 to 12.45<0.001
Multi-domain (TFI)7.144.81 to 10.58<0.0015.143.28 to 8.08<0.001
  • *Adjusted for age, female, falls, alcohol, living arrangement, nature of routine work and village.

  • FP, Fried’s Phenotype; FI, Frailty Index; TFI, Tilburg Frailty Indicator.