Table 2

Association of frailty (defined by three definitions) and falls

FallsCrude analysisAdjusted analysis*
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Physical definition (FP)<0.0010.05
 Pre-frail2.471.42 to 4.311.941.04 to 3.59
 Frail3.722.03 to 6.812.331.13 to 4.80
Accumulation of deficits (FI)2.511.64 to 3.87<0.0011.771.04 to 3.000.04
Multi-domain (TFI)2.641.70 to 4.11<0.0011.861.10 to 3.140.02
  • *Adjusted for age, gender, alcohol, fear of falls, living arrangement, nature of routine work and village.

  • FP, Fried’s Phenotype; FI, Frailty Index; TFI, Tilburg Frailty Indicator.