Table 2

Characteristics of recruited ‘cases’

CharacteristicCases (n=50)
Mean age (years)57.4
Age range (years)18 – 92
Female30 (60%)
Has a formal carer18 (36%)
Not the patient making the 999 call31 (62%)
Clinical problem
 Acute infection7
 Breathing problems5
 Mental health problems5
 Abdominal Pain4
 Falls, faints & funny turns4
 Chronic pain condition flare-up3
 Urinary symptoms2
 End of life / palliative care problem2
 Chest pain2
 Musculoskeletal pain2
 Skin problems2
 Medication problems1
 Transported to hospital14 (28%)
 Treated at scene—no referrals13 (26%)
 Treated at scene—referred to GP18 (36%)
 Treated at scene—referred to community nursing or social care4 (8%)
 Refused further treatment1 (2%)