Table 1

Patient characteristics and information related to dispensing of medicines

Age group of patient
 Less than 14 years19.4298/1537
 15–24 years20.2310/1537
 25–44 years35.0538/1537
 45 and above years25.4391/1537
Sources of antibiotic
 Prescribed by a doctor or health worker and dispensed by a pharmacist or drug retailer55.2848/1537
 Recommended and supplied by a pharmacist or drug retailer without a prescription26.1401/1537
 Other (invalid prescription)5.483/1537
Registration status/education
 Licensed/diploma or bachelors in pharmacy49.6762/1537
 Licensed/training from DDA46.1709/1537
 Unlicensed/education unknown4.366/1537
Disease or condition‡
 Respiratory infection4.975/1537
 Loss of appetite4.772/1537
 Skin infection4.670/1537
 Common cold4.468/1537
 Acid peptic disease4.366/1537
 Body ache4.265/1537
 Heart disease4.264/1537
 Fungal infection3.859/1537
 Skin disease3.757/1537
 Abdominal discomfort3.655/1537
 Arthritis and bone pain3.350/1537
Prescribing indicator
 Percentage of patients dispensed an antibiotic38.4590/1537
No of antibiotics dispensed
 No antibiotic61.6947/1537
 One antibiotic35.8551/1537
 Two antibiotics2.539/1537
  • *nj numerator.

  • †nk denominator.

  • ‡Diseases or conditions included: fever: fever and pyrexia. Cough: cough, dry cough and allergic cough. Respiratory infections: acute respiratory infection, respiratory infection, chest infection and bronchitis. Loss of appetite: weakness, anorexia and loss of appetite. Skin infections: boils, dermatitis, wound and skin infection. Common cold: common cold and sinusitis. Injury: injuries. Acid peptic disease: acid peptic diseases, gastritis, peptic ulcer and upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Body ache: body ache and backache. Heart disease: heart disease and hypertension. Fungal infection: fungal infection and ring worm. Skin disease: skin diseases and skin allergy. Abdominal discomfort: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and dyspepsia. Arthritis and bone pain: arthritis, joint pain, leg pain and shoulder pain.

  • DDA, Department of Drug Administration;