Table 1

Service readiness (availability of basic infrastructure, equipment, diagnostic services, supplies and medication)

Physical infrastructureKhulna divisionDhaka divisionSylhet division
UHCs code ⇒12345678910
Basic infrastructure
Adequate lighting
Water and sanitation facilities
Space, cleanliness, ventilation
Storage facility/refrigeration××××××××××
Furniture (patient examination bed, chairs and table)
Basic equipment and supplies
Weighting scale
Measuring tape
Height measure
BP measurement set
NCD patient register book××××××××××
Clinical protocol for NCDs××××××××××
NCDs-related IEC materials××××××××××
Investigation and laboratory facilities
Glucometer set××××××××××
ECG set××××××××××
Urine protein test by strips√*√*√*√*√*√*
Urine ketone test by strips√*√*√*√*√*
Blood cholesterol assay××××××
Lipid profile×××
Serum creatinine assay××××√*×××
Troponin test by strips××××××××××
Urine test strips×××××××
Fasting blood sugar test√*√*√*√*√*√*√*√*
Blood sugar 2 hours after meal√*×√*×√*×√*√*
HbA1c test××××××××××
Human resources
Medical officer
Others support staff×××
Availability of NCD drugs
Amlodipine (Tab. Amdocal)×××××××
Tab Nifedipine××××××××××
  • UHC codes=1: Chowgacha UHC; 2: Zhigorgacha UHC; 3: Kaligong UHC; 4: Devhata UHC; 5: Munshigong UHC; 6: Hazigong UHC; 7: Golapgong UHC; 8: Balagong UHC; 9: Fenchugong UHC; 10: Chatok UHC.

  • √ denotes availability of services; × denotes unavailability of services.

  • *Reagent/lab technician was not available during the period of data collection.

  • BP, Blood pressure; ECG, Electrocardiogram;; HbA1c, Hypoglycaeted heamoglobin; IEC, Information, education and communication; NCD, non-communicable disease; UHC, upazila health complex;.