Table 2

Sample size justification table

StudyStudy locationDesignIncidence of awareness, %
Myles et al, 200436 ORMulticentre RCT2.0*
Avidan et al, 200837 ORMulticentre RCT0.46*
Avidan et al, 201138 ORMulticentre RCT0.49*
Zhang et al, 20115 ORMulticentre RCT0.55*
Mashour et al, 201239 ORSingle centre RCT0.19*
Wagner et al, 199829 ICU (n=11)Prospective observational36.4
Kaplan et al, 200028 ICU (n=57)Single centre before–after13.5
Smith et al, 199817 ED (n=34)Prospective observational†5.9
Miner et al, 200215 ED (n=26)Prospective observational, convenience sample†15.4
Kimball et al, 201116 ED (n=10)Prospective observational†50
Puller et al, 201714 ED (n=53)Prospective observational, convenience sample†24.5
  • *Indicates overall incidence of definite or possible awareness in both arms of the study.

  • †Assessed recall of intubation only.

  • ED, emergency department; ICU, intensive care unit;OR, operating room; RCT, randomised controlled trial.