Table 3

Preferences for future delivery

Overall group (N=347)EMCS (n=285)ELSCS (n=62)P value
Preference for future mode of delivery
 VBAC137 (39.5%)114 (40%)23 (37.1%)ns
 Repeat ELSCS110 (31.7%)83 (29.1%)27 (43.5%)ns
 Undecided100 (28.8%)88 (30.9%)12 (19.4%)ns
Would you consider involvement in an RCT of VBAC versus repeat ELSCS?
 Yes281 (81%)230 (80.7%)51 (82.3%)ns
 No66 (19%)55 (19.3%)11(17.7%)ns
  • The table lists patient preferences for future mode of delivery and willingness to be involved in a future randomised trial of VBAC or elective repeat caesarean delivery.

  • Statistical significance was taken as p<0.05. ns=Not significant.

  • EMCS, emergency caesarean section; ELSCS, elective caesarean section.

  • RCT, randomised controlled trial;VBAC, vaginal birth after caesarean;