Table 1

Model inputs

Probability of patients acquiring a HCAI0.047 24
Probability of patients dying as a result of a HCAI0.035 25
Probability of HCPs acquiring a HCAI0.017 26 27
Probability of HCPs being absent from work due to acquiring a HCAI0.900(Assumption)
Probability of absent HCPs being replaced by agency or bank staff0.140 53
Probability of HCPs not being absent from work but unable to work at full capacity0.950(Assumption)
Probability of HCPs not being absent from work and being supported by bank or agency staff0.000(Assumption)
Probability of adult inpatients having increased length of hospital stay as a result of a HCAI1.000(Assumption)
Probability of HCPs being admitted into hospital as a result of acquiring a HCAI0.001(Assumption)
Probability of being placed in isolation following a HCAI0.100 28
Probability of being transferred to an ICU as a result of a HCAI0.0004 21 29 30
Probability of remaining on a ward after acquiring a HCAI0.900(Calculation)
Probability of a follow-up hospital outpatient appointment0.310 29 54 55
Resource use
Probable additional number of bed days as a result of a HCAI9.100 29
Number of follow-up hospital outpatient appointments0.800 56
Average number of days spent in critical care3.970 30
Length of time HCPs are off work and replaced by agency staff (days)5.000(Assumption)
  • HCAI, healthcare-associated infection; HCP, healthcare practitioner; ICU, intensive care unit.