Table 3

Advertised app functions that support cancer survivorship activities

Survivorship activityApp featureNo (%) apps which advertised this feature
Imparting information about cancerDelivers information about the nature of cancer, cancer terminology, treatment approaches and services. Apps present information as text, news feeds/updates, videos and question/answer formats.81 (53.6)
Gives dietary and/or exercise advice, targeting individuals living with and beyond cancer.15 (9.9)
Planning and organising cancer careUpload and store personal records, for example, diaries/journals, results.25 (16.6)
Keep a list of medications┬▒their scheduling.20 (13.3)
Share uploaded personal records with others.8 (5.3)
Keep a calendar of appointments.12 (8.0)
Login to view or change clinical appointments.4 (2.7)
Login to remotely access clinical records or results.3 (2.0)
Create or view survivorship care plan.2 (1.3)
Lists available clinical trials.9 (6.0)
Clinical trials matching.1 (0.7)
Interacting with othersAccess to an on-line cancer community or social network (four offered a matching service).25 (16.6)
List of local (geographically limited) sources of peer support.11 (7.3)
Message a linked healthcare professional.4 (2.7)
Ask a professional within an on-line community.3 (2.0)
Enacting management strategies and adjustingTrack and record-specific symptoms or physiological parameters.29 (19.2)
Provides symptom management tips and advice.5 (3.3)
Set alarms as reminders to take medication.14 (9.3)
Track fitness or diet (four apps offered integration with wearable fitness trackers).5 (3.2)
Delivers instructions on complementary and/or alternative therapies.12 (7.9)
Delivers psychological therapies.3 (2.0)
Offers spiritual support, for example, bible verses, prayers.2 (1.4)
Getting feedback about cancer managementGenerates graphical summaries of self-monitoring data for personal reflection and sharing with others (particularly clinicians).21 (13.9)
Generates or supports creation of question prompt lists (intended to be used during medical encounters).13 (8.6)
Allows video or audio recording of medical consultations.4 (2.7)