Table 2

Themes present within APP marketing statements with example quotations

ThemeExample app (name in Italics) with quotations from on-line app store
Fighting for lifeTwist out cancer: ‘(get to) know other cancer survivors who fought with odds and kicked cancer in the butt!’
‘Whip cancer provides people with the power to instantly and accurately picture the cancer cells they want to expel from their bodies… Whip Cancer is a powerful tool to help you become relaxed and thus feel empowered while battling your cancer.’
Navigating a journeyBreast Cancer healthline: ‘You’re not on this journey alone. Are you facing a diagnosis? Already in treatment? Remission? We’ll connect you with people just like you, at the same stage in the journey’.
‘The BigC-Connect platform has been designed to help survivors of cancer on their journey to survival.’
Being empowered to take control‘Hearing that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer can turn your world upside down. The OWise breast cancer app can help you regain control during the chaotic times of illness and treatments’
Blood Cancer Storylines is filled with great tools to help you take control of your health.’