Table 2

Enablers of knowledge transfer per health sector

Facility type facilitiesPublic health facilitiesFaith-based facilitiesPrivate health
Main themeSubtheme
Training designRelevant content
Peer-cross learning visits Experiential training curriculum
Applicable knowledge to workplace problem-based learningCase methodology
Impact-oriented training
Trainee characteristicsAttitudinal shift
Improved communication skills Self-awareness
Improved leadership competencies
Personal leadership
Ability to lead a team
Work environment climateTeamwork
Buy-in across the institution
Power and position
Political goodwill
Buy-in by management and board
Board members approvals
Team-based coachingInspired hearts through team coachingCoaching supportCoaching focused on results attainment
Occurring opportunitiesDevolution of resourcesEndemic strikes in the public sector
Political goodwill
Endemic strikes in the public sector
Political goodwill such as public and private partnerships
  • This table illustrated factors enabling knowledge transfer in orders recurring responses according to the health facility type. Training curriculum design, management buy-in, teamwork, team coaching, devolution, industrial strikes emerged as key enablers for transfer.

  • Source: survey data 2018.