Table 3

UGICR minimum dataset*

Participant details
First name
Middle name(s)
Recruiting hospital
Medical record number
Date of birth
Medicare number
Department of Veteran Affairs number
Country of birth
Preferred language
Interpreter required
Indigenous status
Contact details
  • Phone number(s)

  • Email address

  • Postal address

  • Residential address at diagnosis

Next of kin and contact details
General practitioner details
Deceased status
Date of death
Cause of death
Diagnosis and staging (prior to antitumour treatment)
Diagnosis date
Date mass first seen on imaging
Diagnostic imaging tests completed†
Pathology testing prior to anti-tumour treatment
  • Cytology date

  • Histology date

Primary site of tumour
Tumour morphology
Clinical disease stage (TNM)
Resectability of tumour at diagnosis
CA 19–9 measured
Discussion at a multidisciplinary team meeting
Date earliest multidisciplinary team meeting discussion
Diagnosing hospital
Date of operation
Type of resection
Surgical approach
Reason resection surgery abandoned
Date of return to theatre
Readmitted to hospital within 90 days of surgery (excluding same day chemotherapy)
Date of readmission
Died in surgical admission
Name of consultant surgeon
Hospital where surgery was performed
Resection pathology
  • Maximum dimension of tumour

  • Number of lymph nodes examined

  • Number of lymph nodes positive

  • Closest reported margin

  • Pathologic staging (pTNM)

  • Histology

Treatment intent (Neoadjuvant/adjuvant/curativetive/palliative)‡
Date chemotherapy commenced
  • Chemotherapy agent(s) administered

  • Name of medical oncologist

  • Hospital providing chemotherapy

Treatment intent (Neoadjuvant/adjuvant/curativetive/palliative)‡
  • Date radiotherapy commenced

  • Radiation oncologist

  • Radiotherapy technique

  • Body sites treated

  • Total dose given (Gy)

  • Number of fractions

  • Name of radiation oncologist

  • Hospital providing radiotherapy

Restaging after neoadjuvant therapy
Date neoadjuvant therapy completed
Resectability of tumour
Clinical disease (TNM)
Other treatment and end-of-life care
Referral to or contact with palliative care
Date of referral to palliative care
≥2 ED presentations in the last 30 days prior to death
≥14 days in acute hospital during last 30 days of life
Died within 30 days of dose of chemotherapy
  • *More detailed, module specific data dictionaries have been developed.

  • †Varies between modules.

  • ‡All related data items collected for first cycle of each type of treatment intent.

  • ED, Emergency Department; TNM (staging), Tumour, Node, Metastasis ; UGICR, Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry.