Table 2

Select diagnostic and procedural codes for (A) spinal imaging (B) low back pain and (C) mental health symptoms

ConditionDiagnostic or procedural codes
(A) Spinal imaging
 RadiographsX025, X202, X203, X027, X204, X028, X205, X206, X032, X033, X031, X034, X207, X035, X208
 CTX415, X416, X128
 MRIX490, X492, X493, X495, X496, X498
(B) Low back painICD-9: 722.9, 724, 749.9, 846, 847.1
ICD-10: M54.5, M54.1, M54.3, M54.4, M54.8, M54.9
(C) Mental health symptom*
 Any mental health disorder
  • ICD-9: Any OMHRS (including missing, except for 290.x, 294.x in primary diagnosis). Exclude if primary dx missing and provisional=2

  • ICD-10: DX10CODE1=F06 F99 or DX10CODE2-DX10CODE10=X60-X84, Y10-Y19, Y28 when DX10CODE1 not equal to F06-F99

 Substance-related disorders
  • ICD-9: 291.x (all 291 codes, excluding 291.82), 292.x (all 292 codes, excluding 292.85), 303.x (all 303 codes), 304.x (all 304 codes), 305.x (all 305 codes). Provisional=4

  • ICD-10: F55, F10–F19

  • ICD-9: 295.x (all 295 codes), 297.x (all 297 codes), 298.x (all 298 codes). Provisional=5

  • ICD-10: F20 (excluding F20.4), F22, F23, F24, F25, F28, F29, F53.1

 Mood disorders
  • ICD-9: 296.x (all 296 codes), 300.4x, 301.13, 311.x. Provisional=6

  • ICD-10: F30, F31, F32, F33, F34, F38, F39, F53.0

 Anxiety disorders
  • ICD-9: 300, 300.0x, 300.2x, 300.3x, 308.3x, 309.0x, 309.24, 309.28, 309.3x, 309.4x, 309.8x, 309.9x. Provisional=7, 15

  • ICD-10: F40, F41, F42, F43, F48.8, F48.9, F93.1, F93.2

  • *For healthcare utilisation specific to mental health symptoms (eg, emergency department visits).

  • ICD, International Classification of Diseases; NACRS, National Ambulatory Care Reporting System.