Table 1

Data elements and data sources

Data groupData elementData source
ExposureSelf-reported low back painCCHS
Effect measure modifierPoor self-perceived mental healthCCHS
Mood disorderCCHS
Anxiety disorderCCHS
Potential confoundersAgeRPDB
Household incomeCCHS
Educational attainmentCCHS
Alcohol consumptionCCHS
Physical activityCCHS
Self-rated general healthCCHS
Self-rated chronic conditionsCCHS
ComorbiditiesOHIP, CIHI
Outcome measuresNumber of physician visitsOHIP
Number of ED visitsNACRS
Number of hospitalisations and stay daysCIHI Discharge Abstract Database/Same Day Surgeries
Spinal imaging proceduresOHIP and CIHI
Healthcare costsICES costing methodology using:
  • RPDB: demographic information, date of death for the entire population with valid health card numbers

  • Discharge Abstract Database: acute inpatient hospitalisation

  • Ontario Mental Health Reporting System: mental health

  • Continuing Care Reporting System: complex continuing care

  • National Rehabilitation System: inpatient rehabilitation

  • National Ambulatory Care Reporting System: same day surgeries and emergency department, outpatient oncology and dialysis treatments

  • OHIP: physician services

  • Ontario Drug Benefit and New Drug Funding Program: prescription drugs

  • Ontario Home Care Administrative System and Home Care Database: home care

  • Assistive Devices Program database: assistive devices

  • CCHS, Canadian Community Health Survey; CIHI, Canadian Institute for Health Information; NACRS, National Ambulatory Care and Reporting System; OHIP, Ontario Health Insurance Plan; OSAD, Ontario Social Assistance Database; RPDB, Registered Persons Database.