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Non-medical determinants('social determinants of health'/exp OR 'marriage'/de OR divorce/de OR 'female by marital status'/exp OR 'educational status'/exp OR 'unemployment'/de OR 'domestic violence'/de OR 'battered woman'/de OR 'family violence'/de OR 'partner violence'/exp OR 'family conflict'/exp OR 'social status'/de OR (((social* OR socioeconom* OR socio-econom* OR Socio-cultur*) NEAR/6 (determinant* OR status OR differen* OR correlat* OR predict* OR disadvantage* OR indicator* OR risk-factor* OR level* OR variable* OR vulnerab*)) OR (individual* NEAR/6 socioeconom* NEAR/6 (factor* OR determinant*)) OR divorce* OR low-school* OR (education* NEAR/3 (status* OR level OR matern* OR mother*)) OR unemploy* OR unmarried OR singlehood OR single-mother* OR ((domestic* OR famil* OR partner* OR spous* OR marital OR marriage OR household* OR house-hold*) NEAR/3 (status* OR violen* OR conflict* OR problem*))):ab,ti)
Perinatal outcomes('fetus mortality'/exp OR 'fetus death'/de OR 'infant mortality'/de OR 'perinatal mortality'/exp OR 'low birth weight'/exp OR 'intrauterine growth retardation'/de OR 'immature and premature labour'/de OR (((fetus OR fetal OR fetus OR foetal OR perinatal* OR newborn* OR new-born* OR neonat* OR infant* OR antepart* OR antenatal* OR perinatal*) NEAR/3 (mortalit* OR surviv* OR fatal* OR death*)) OR (small NEAR/3 (date OR gestation*)) OR sga OR lbw OR vlbw OR elbw OR (low NEAR/3 (birth-weight* OR birth weight*)) OR ((intrauterin* OR intra-uterin* OR fetus OR fetal OR fetus OR foetal) NEAR/6 (retard* OR restrict*)) OR IUGR OR preterm* OR pre-term* OR ((prematur* OR immature OR dysmatur*) NEAR/3 (birth* OR childbirth OR born OR neonat* OR infan* OR labour OR labour))):ab,ti)
Population('pregnancy'/exp OR 'pregnant woman'/exp OR 'prenatal period'/exp OR 'mother'/de OR 'expectant mother'/de OR 'maternal behaviour'/de OR (pregnan* OR prenatal* OR antenatal* OR mother* OR maternal*):ab,ti)
Study design('cohort analysis'/exp OR 'longitudinal study'/de OR 'retrospective study'/de OR 'prospective study'/de OR register/de OR 'factual database'/de OR (cohort* OR longitudinal* OR retrospectiv* OR prospectiv* OR register OR database*):ab,ti) NOT ((Conference Abstract)/lim OR (Letter)/lim OR (Note)/lim OR (Editorial)/lim) AND (english)/lim