Table 3

Knowledge about HPV infection, risk factors and prevention

HPV is a virus in the genital area that is sexually transmitted.3970.9
HPV is common in Bahrain.1120.0
Both men and women get infected.4480.0
Unsafe sexual relationships can increase the probability of HPV infection.3869.1
Most people infected with HPV have no symptoms.2240.0
There is no treatment for HPV infection.1221.8
Smoking increases the risk of virus persistence and causes the infected cells to become cancerous.2749.1
HPV causes genital warts.3258.2
In women, if the virus persists, it causes an abnormal cervical smear and cancer.3869.1
HPV may cause other genital cancers (penis and anus).3360.0
Prevention against HPV will prevent cervical cancer.4072.7
  • Values are numbers (%) (n=55).

  • HPV, human papilloma virus.