Table 3

Mixed-effects Poisson regression: association between staffing and all missed observations with (A) and without (B) inclusion of a linear interaction term between RN and NA staffing levels

IRR95% CIP valueIRR95% CIP value
RN staffing0.9830.979 to 0.987<0.0010.9810.977 to 0.985<0.001
NA staffing0.9540.949 to 0.958<0.0010.9570.952 to 0.961<0.001
Patient turnover1.011.01 to 1.01<0.0011.011.01 to 1.02<0.001
Observations in higher acuity patients4.834.68 to 4.99<0.0014.84.65 to 4.96<0.001
RN staffing × NA staffing1.011.01 to 1.01<0.001
  • Model A: AIC 215974; BIC 216033. Model B: AIC 216062; BIC 216112.

  • AIC, Akaike information criterion; BIC, Bayesian information criterion; IRR, incidence rate ratio; NA, nursing assistant; RN, registered nurse.