Table 8

Area under the curve (AUC) values from ROC analyses of each screening tool

Screening toolTarget disordernAUC95% CISignificance
AcuityAny problem6910.6850.637 to 0.733p<0.001
Plusoptix – cylinderAny problem6720.8220.784 to 0.860p<0.001
Plusoptix – SEAny problem6720.5070.448 to 0.565p=0.80
Spot – cylinderAny problem7070.8360.799 to 0.874p<0.001
Spot – SEAny problem7070.5370.482 to 0.592p=0.13
RandotAny problem6940.6150.564 to 0.666p<0.001
PVSAny problem6990.6100.562 to 0.658p<0.001
Plusoptix – SEHyperopia6720.8560.790 to 0.923p<0.001
Spot – SEHyperopia7070.8860.817 to 0.954p<0.001
PVSStrabismus6990.6540.554 to 0.754p<0.01
  • PVS, pediatric vision scanner; SE, spherical equivalent.