Table 3

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme assessment

Study name1. Was there a clear statement of the aims of the research?2. Is a qualitative methodology appropriate?3. Was the research design appropriate to address the aims of the research?4. Was the recruitment strategy appropriate to the aims of the research?5. Was the data collected in a way that addressed the research issue?6. Has the relationship between researcher and participant been adequately considered?7. Have ethical issues been taken into consideration?8. Was the data analysis sufficiently rigorous?9. Is there a clear statement of findings?10. How valuable is the research?
Alami et al 44 YYYYNNYYYY
Ahmad et al 26 YYYYYNYNYY
Al-Taiar et al 38 YYYYYNYYYY
Carmona-Terés et a 31 YYYYYNYYYY
Chan and Chan27 YYYYYNYNYY
Clarke et al 62
Pouli et al 32
Darlow et al 28 YYYYYYYYYY
Figaro et al 43 YYYYYNYYYY
Hall et al 29 YYYYYYYYYY
Hendry et al 33 YYYYYNYYYY
Hsu et al 42 YYYYYNYYYY
Kao et al 37 46 YYYYYNYYYY
Keysor et al 41 YYYYYNYYYY
Mackay et al 35 63 64 YYYYYNYYYY
Maly and Krupa45 YYYYYNYYYY
Man et al 39 YYYYYNYYYY
Morden et al, 34
Ong et al 65
Nyvang et al 40 YYYYYNYYYY
Tallon et al 25 YYYNYNNNYY
Victor et al 24 YYYYYNNNYY
Xie et al 36 YYYYYNYYYY
  • . N, No; Y, Yes.