Table 1

Selection criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Design and report
  • Qualitative studies

  • Reports lived experience of knee osteoarthritis

  • Full text article published in peer-reviewed journal

  • Primary research

  • Questionnaires/surveys

  • Non-English language

  • Single case studies

  • Secondary analysis of qualitative data such as a systematic review

  • Knee osteoarthritis

  • Perceptions of people diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis, and their carers

  • May include other conditions providing perceptions about knee osteoarthritis are reported separately

  • Participants not identified as having knee osteoarthritis (eg, knee pain, anterior cruciate ligament injury)

  • No intervention

  • May include studies exploring perceptions about management, such as knee replacement, provided experiences about living with knee osteoarthritis are reported separately

  • Explored experiences of patients having participated in interventions

  • Explored experiences about perioperative management of knee replacement

  • Explored attitudes about the decision to proceed to total knee replacement