Table 3

Medical Institute visit days for patients with DME who received either anti-VEGF agents or a DEX-implant during the follow-up period

Mean (days)P value*Median (days)P value†UnadjustedAdjusted‡
Anti-VEGFDEX-implantAnti-VEGFDEX-implantVisit ratio§ (95% CI)Visit ratio (95% CI)
Total visits55.5951.450.312439.0040.000.51761.08 (1.06 to 1.11)¶1.07 (1.04 to 1.09)¶
Outpatient visits45.2644.200.707436.5037.000.57871.02 (1.00 to 1.05)1.05 (1.02 to 1.07)¶
Eye care-related visits15.1715.850.344914.0014.000.49770.96 (0.92 to 1.00)0.96 (0.92 to 1.00)
Outpatient eye care-related visits14.9715.140.802814.0013.000.93590.99 (0.95 to 1.03)0.99 (0.95 to 1.04)
  • Anti-VEGF includes ranibizumab and aflibercept. The total visits to medical care are the aggregated number of visits to all medical care used by the patient during a 1 year postindex period.

  • *Estimated p values based on the t-test.

  • †Estimated p values based on the Wilcoxon test.

  • ‡Adjusted for baseline characteristics such as age, gender, CCI and health plan type.

  • §The reference values obtained from the DEX-implant as 1.

  • ¶P<0.001

  • anti-VEGF, antivascular endothelial growth factor; DEX-implant, dexamethasone intravitreal implant; DME, diabetic macular oedema.