Table 4

Patterns of smoking among current smokers in rural regions of Yunnan Province, China (%)

VariablesHan ethnic majorityNa Xi ethnic minorityLi Shu ethnic minorityDai ethnic minorityJing Po ethnic minorityAll
Use of various forms of tobacco
 Filtered cigarettes69.2**98.486.793.360.880.0
 Unfiltered cigarettes17.
 Hookah / water pipe18.
 Pipe tobacco2.
 Hand-rolled cigarettes2.
 Chewing tobacco0.
Age of smoking initiation (years)
Age of regular smoking (years)
Location of smoking in the previous 7 days
 Public spaces (schools, hospitals and so on)86.888.791.888.889.189.1
  • *P<0.05, **p<0.01, the χ2 tests for independence were conducted for each pattern of smoking across the ethnic groups.