Table 2

Bivariate analysis of factors associated with home delivery among young mothers aged 15–24 years in Nigeria

FactorsUOR95% CIP values
External environmental factors
 Region of residence
  North-Central2.981.91 to 4.70<0.001
  North-East9.245.87 to 14.59<0.001
  North-West15.379.80 to 24.15<0.001
  South-East0.550.34 to 0.930.029
  South-South3.872.44 to 6.12<0.001
 Rural-urban residence
  Rural4.763.65 to 6.24<0.001
Predisposing factors
 Maternal education level
  None12.7510.17 to 15.98<0.001
  Primary2.862.34 to 3.48<0.001
 Maternal occupation
  Unemployed1.481.22 to 1.78<0.001
  Agriculture0.820.60 to 1.130.220
 Husband/partner’s education level
  Secondary/higher9.087.22 to 11.45<0.001
  Primary2.051.65 to 2.57<0.001
 Wealth index
  Poor18.0113.16 to 24.60<0.001
  Middle3.042.32 to 4.02<0.001
 Maternal age (years)
  15–19 (teen)1.481.23 to 1.79<0.001
  20–24 (non-teen)1.00(Reference)
 Maternal religion
  Islam5.234.25 to 6.46<0.001
  Traditional/other4.432.42 to 8.15<0.001
 Maternal marital status
  Formerly married/living with a man1.600.95 to 2.700.051
  Currently married/living with a man2.521.84 to 3.47<0.001
  Never married1.00(Reference)
  ≥42.821.98 to 4.01<0.001
  2–31.781.60 to 2.01<0.001
 Frequency of reading newspaper/magazine
  Not at all6.004.17 to 8.63<0.001
  <once a week1.090.68 to 1.780.695
  ≥once a week1.00(Reference)
 Frequency of listening to radio
  Not at all3.342.75 to 4.08<0.001
  <once a week1.771.45 to 2.15<0.001
  ≥once a week1.00(Reference)
 Frequency of watching television
  Not at all6.885.51 to 8.58<0.001
  <once a week1.451.14 to 1.840.002
  ≥once a week1.00(Reference)
Enabling factors
 Health insurance cover
  No6.553.06 to 14.01<0.001
 Antenatal attendance
  <4 times9.367.57 to 11.55<0.001
  ≥4 times1.00(Reference)
 Distance to health facility
  Big problem2.662.12 to 3.31<0.001
  Not a big problem1.00(Reference)
 Permission to visit health facility
  Big problem3.332.53 to 4.36<0.001
  Not a big problem1.00(Reference)
 Getting money for health services
  Big problem1.431.23 to 1.70<0.001
  Not a big problem1.00(Reference)
 Companionship to health facility
  Big problem2.672.10 to 3.41<0.001
  Not a big problem1.00(Reference)
 Attitude of health workers
  Big problem1.691.32 to 2.13<0.001
  Not a big problem1.00(Reference)
Need factor
 Desire for pregnancy
  Then1.360.44 to 4.320.59
  No more0.520.17 to 1.700.29
 Knowledge of pregnancy complications
  No2.482.04 to 3.01<0.001
  • UOR, unadjusted OR.