Table 4

Adherence measures

WhatHow/additional validation
Self-report through my activity programme and control arm smartphone appExercises reported on app to their prescribed programme the day they are carried out.
  • Exercise type

  • Intensity

  • Dose

Adherence defined as participant carrying out 80% of their prescribed programme.
The health professional will be asked to provide a copy of the participants prescribed exercise plan, any changes to it and the dates any changes were made (both sites record this as part of standard intervention).
For face to face home delivery, the health professional will be asked to report exactly what the patient has done when with them (this will be used to validate the self-report from participants).
After discharge from rehabilitation if participants move onto other strength and balance provision. Those services will give us copies of the exercise programme delivered for any days the participants attend, attendance records and any prescribed home exercise programme.
EARSValidated 16-question tool with a 6-question subscale specifically measuring adherence.Paper questionnaire at baseline, 3 months and 6 months.
  • EARS, Exercise Adherence Rating Scale.