Table 3

Characteristics of primary dysmenorrhea (n=1231)

Duration of experiencing dysmenorrhea
 1–5 years40833.1
 6 years or above82366.9
Presence of pain in every menstruation
Onset of dysmenorrhea
 More than 2 days before menstrual flow1058.5
 One day prior to menstrual flow26921.9
 On the same day of menstrual flow73459.6
 Second and third day of menstrual flow12310.0
Duration of pain
 1 day or less52442.6
 2–3 days65152.9
 4 days or above564.5
 Mild (0–3.9)43735.5
 Moderate (4–7.9)66554.0
 Severe (8-10)12910.5
 Loss of appetite67755.0
 Leg aches32126.1
 Facial blemishes68155.3
 General aching34127.7
  • VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.