Table 1

Example of search strategy—Ovid Medline Search history

1Advance Care Planning/
2((advance* adj3 (plan* or directive*)) or living will*) tw, kw.
31 or 2
4Knowledge/ or Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice/
5(concept* or attitude* or belief* or practice* or experience* or knowledg*or uptake* or utilis* or implement*) tw, kf.
64 or 5
7(Consumer Behavior or Consumer Participation or Consumer Health Information or consumer engag* or decision making or consumer uptake or barriers to uptake or consumer concepts or Primary health care* or general practice or family practice or GP or general practitioner or patient centred medical home or patient-centred medical home or health care home or practice nurse or community nurse) tw, kw.
8Physicians, Family/ or General Practitioners/ or Family Practice/
9Primary Health Care/
10*Health Personnel/
11Consumer Behavior/
12Consumer Health Information/
137 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12
143 and 6 and 13