Table 4

Estimates of rate ratios (RR) from multi-level regression (Poisson) model for the association between introduction of named GP and the number of emergency hospital admissions, England 2012 to 2016 (38 500 observations)

Unadjusted modelAdjusted model 1*Adjusted model 2
RRP value95% CIRRP value95% CIRRP value95% CI
Period (ref.=pre)1.249<0.0011.170 to 1.3321.178<0.0011.103 to 1.2591.171<0.0011.097 to 1.250
Age (ref.=75-)1.821<0.0011.687 to 19561.571<0.0011.462 to 1.6901.372<0.0011.280 to 1.470
Period* Age1.1460.0011.055 to 1.2451.1430.0011.052 to 1.2421.1200.0071.031 to 1.215
  • *Covariates set to average: gender, number of chronic conditions, level of deprivation (quintiles), number of GPs in practice (quartiles) and urban/rural practice location. For complete table, see online supplementary table 4.

  • †Included also standardised covariates: number of GP consultations (quartiles) and continuity of care (Bice & Boxerman index-score, quartiles).

  • GP, general practitioner.