Table 1

Data charting items

Data extractedDescription
Document typeOriginal article, review, report, guideline, others
If a study: type of designRCT, observational study
ObjectiveWhat was the main aim of the document?
Author, publication yearName of the authors and year of publication
LanguageLanguage of publication
Geographical region of publicationWhere was the document published?
Quality of the study (if applicable)MMAT criteria
Domain/subdomain following PCC principles
PopulationBaseline characteristics of the population receiving the intervention
 Educational level
 Baseline physical, psychological or social problems
ConceptMain outcomes on the general well-being of the population across the transition period
 Definition of transition or transition to retirement
 Type of intervention
 Retention rates (if conducted)
 Effect/s of the intervention on well-being (general and main outcomes, as well as measurements and tools used to assess them)
 Analysis used (if applicable)
ContextWhere was the intervention conducted? Who did it?
Context/setting of the intervention delivered
  • Person/professional responsible for the intervention’s delivery.