Table 3

One-year results of the trial

SE (n=66)SW (n=66)
Pulp exposures05*
Endodontic treatment66*
(one after exposure)
Total complications710
Success (%)89.484.9
Initial treatment costs in EGP (mean (SD)) 456.6 (98.3) 507.5 (123.4)
Total treatment costs in EGP (mean (SD))586.8 (396.1)636.8 (379.3)
Total costs in EGP (mean (SD))886 (528.92)926.96 (500.56)
Modified total costs in EGP (mean (SD)) 826.37 (505.37) 926.96 (500.56)
  • Bold: significant differences (p<0.05).

  • *One case showed endodontic complications after direct pulp capping and is hence also included in the ‘endodonic treatment’ category.

  • EGP, Egyptian pounds; SE, selective; SW, stepwise carious tissue removal.