Table 5

Metrics on patient experience

Quote 1“… the patient engagement piece is quite labour intensive, and whether without the Future Hospital Programme guiding it… will providers prioritise it (patient engagement) in the same way they would without the Future Hospital chasing them and asking them what they are doing on a regular basis…”. (DS8)
Quote 2“For phase two having watched how the sort of organic coming together, people volunteering option in phase one for patient reps, hadn’t really been as effective as I think we initially hoped and that, the rigours of doing FHP alongside the day jobs… meant that patient recruitment was often low down on their list and sometimes it took them, a good few months to recruit a patient rep…. So for phase two we decided to do a more proactive recruitment campaign advertised… So we learnt a lot from phase one, about how to take patient involvement and engagement in the development site teams from sort of tokenistic and leaving the teams to do it themselves, to really prescribing what we needed and to get the framework in place to”. (RCP6)