Table 3

Levels of involvement and co-production/design of initiatives

Involvement and co-production/design of initiatives
Quote 1“Well I have done very little. I have, I haven’t had no idea what the patient rep was supposed to do. In my opinion I was merely a tick in a box that said you have to have a patient rep”. (PR4)
Quote 2“It quite frankly is that you don’t start off with asking the patients what they want, you start off usually with some enthusiastic usually a clinician, who has an idea about how things might be done better… and the patients are asked to contribute to the development of that idea”. (PR5)
Quote 3“All you ever do is ask them to review what you have done rather than to input into it and you know there are these things where you go, hmm, this is not a co-production the patient is not at the heart of the process of the project”. (PR6)
Quote 4“(I was) very involved. We meet monthly with the… team which is an opportunity to share and discuss ongoing proposals and ideas or implementation of new approaches to working…. The patient reps are treated with courtesy and respect and views are listened to and taken on board. We are considered to be an integral and vitally important part of the team”. (PR2)
Quote 5“Unique to Future Hospital, in comparison to the other programmes of work. So there is lots of ‘oh a patient was involved’ tick type activity, throughout the College (RCP), and I think the difference particularly with the phase two sites is that there is proper co-production with the patients I hope that they feel that way, it certainly seems at least a big step along the route to co-production, than anything else that I have been involved with or seen or heard about so far”. (RCP1)