Table 1

Study characteristics

AuthorYearJournalSettingType of studyIntervention detailComparator 1 detailComparator 2 detail
Bahadir et al122009Clin RheumatolHospital department, TurkeyParallel group RCTSteroid-X1: one injection of trimamcinolone 20 mg, anatomicalHA-X3: three injections of 5 mg of sodium hyaluronate, anatomical (a week apart)N/A
Figen Ayhan and Ustün162009Clin RheumatolRheumatology department, TurkeyParallel group RCTPlacebo(saline)-X1: one injection of 1 mL saline, anatomicalHA-X1: one injection of 8 mg sodium hyaluronate, anatomicalN/A
Fuchs et al132006Osteoarthritis and CartilageHospital department, GermanyParallel group RCTSteroid-X3: three injections of 10 mg triamcinolone, anatomical and 1 week apartHA-X3: three injections of 10 mg hyaluronic acid, anatomical and 1 week apartN/A
Heyworth et al172008Journal of Hand Surgery (American)Orthopaedic hospital, USAParallel group RCTSteroid-X1+placebo(saline)-X1: two injections, first saline 1 mL and then second 1 week later of 1 mL sodium betamethasone, anatomicalHA-X2: two injections, both 8 mg sodium hyaluronate and 1 week apart, anatomicalPlacebo(saline)-X2: two injections, both 1 mL saline and 1 week apart, anatomical
Jahangiri et al182014J Orthop SciMedical department, IranParallel group RCTSteroid-X1+placebo(saline)-X2: 2 montly injections of saline 1 mL and then at 3 months injection of 40 mg methylprednisolone and 2% lignocaine, anatomicalHypertonic dextrose-X3:
0.5 mL of 20% dextrose mixed with 0.5 mL of 2% lidocaine every month for 3 months, anatomical
Meenagh et al192004Ann Rheum DisHospital Rheumatology department, Northern IrelandParallel group RCTSteroid-X1: 5 mg of triamcinolone, guided fluoroscopicallyPlacebo (saline)-X1: 0.25 mL of 0.9% saline, guided fluoroscopicallyN/A
Monfort et al142015Joint Bone SpineHospital Rheumatology department, SpainParallel group RCTSteroid-X3: 0.5 cm3 of betamethasone disodium phosphate 1.5 mg and betamethasone acetate 1.5 mg at weekly intervals for 3 weeks, ultrasound guidedHA-X3: 0.5 cm3 contained 5 mg of sodium hyaluronate at weekly intervals for 3 weeks, ultrasound guidedN/A
Roux et al202007Joint Bone SpineHospital Rheumatology department, FranceParallel group RCTHA-X1: 1 mL containing 8 mg of hyaluronic acid injected once, guided fluoroscopicallyHA-X2: 1 mL containing 8 mg of hyaluronic acid injected twice at weekly intervals, guided fluoroscopicallyHA-X3: 1 mL containing 8 mg of hyaluronic acid injected three times at weekly intervals, guided fluoroscopically
Stahl et al152005J Clin RheumatolHand surgery unit, IsraelParallel group RCTSteroid-X1: one injection of 40 mg methylprednisolone, anatomicalHA-X1: 1 mL containing 15 mg of hyaluronic acid injected once, anatomicalN/A
  • N/A, not available; RCT, randomised controlled trial.