Table 1

Weekly Facebook group content

  • Participants asked to introduce themselves, for example, occupation, why they joined the group.

  • Instructions provided on Fitbits.

2Goal setting
  • How to write a SMART goal. For example, participants encouraged to increase their step count from last week by 5%–10%.

  • Participants asked to write goals (short term, long term and one with support person) and post them on the Facebook group.

  • Benefits of self-monitoring and ways to do it, for example, Fitbit, training diaries.

3Benefits of physical activity
  • Link between physical and mental health explained.

  • Physical and mental health benefits (eg, improved mood, sleep, decreased anxiety and stress and so on).

  • Video links and fact sheets provided.

  • Participants asked vote on their biggest barriers to getting active, for example, lack of time, low motivation and low mood.

  • Discuss strategies to overcome barriers and ask participants to share their suggestions and ideas.

  • Information provided on how to be a helpful support person (practical support, effective communication and exercising together).

  • Information provided on social support for increasing motivation.

6Sedentary behaviour
  • Risks associated with sedentary behaviour, for example, increased mortality risk.

  • How to increase incidental activity including ways to incorporate PA into everyday life.

  • Minimise time spent sitting and encourage breaking up long periods of sitting.

7Aerobic exercise
  • Australian guidelines.

  • Finding an exercise you enjoy.

8Resistance exercise
  • Australian guidelines (strength training at least 2× per week).

  • Exercise safety (eg, importance of a warm up).

  • Videos of simple workouts (eg, squats and push ups against a wall).

  • The importance of progression and ways to do it, for example, using the frequency, intensity, time and type principle.

9Healthy eating
  • The healthy eating pyramid.

  • Creating a healthy food environment, for example, shopping and cooking together, eating meals without distractions.

  • How to maintain an exercise programme.

  • Community programme discussed, for example, gyms, community runs.

  • Review of goals.

  • Celebration of progress.

  • PA, physical activity.