Table 4

Details of concomitant treatment alongside injection therapy

Bahadir et al122009No concomitant analgesia allowed in all treatment groupsNo splint used in all groups. No mention of how many had used splint regularly before study period.Not mentioned.
Figen Ayhan and Ustün162009No analgesia allowed for 2 weeks before injection and not mentioned what was allowed after injection therapyNo mention of splint usage.No mention of other therapy after injection therapy.
Fuchs et al132006Only paracetamol allowed and all other analgesics stopped in all groupsNo change in use of splintage and not recorded in terms of details.Not mentioned.
Heyworth et al172008Two-week ‘wash-out’ period before injection during which no use of NSAIDs was allowed for all groupsHand-based neoprene thumb spica splint used for minimum of 22 hours per day for the 2 weeks after injection therapy in all groups.Spint was allowed as necessary and NSAIDs were allowed in all groups 2 weeks after the injection therapy.
Jahangiri et al182014Patients using NSAIDs excluded. Participants were instructed not to use analgesic medications.Patients using splints excluded. Participants in the study were instructed not to use a splint.All the patients were asked to return gradually to normal activities but to avoid pain-provoking physical stresses, especially within the first 48 hours after injection. Participants were instructed not to undergo physiotherapy.
Meenagh et al192004Not mentionedSplinted for 48 hours after injection therapy in all groups.Not mentioned.
Monfort et al142015Medications were allowed and those used within 30 days before screening and throughout the study period, including paracetamol (maximum 3 g/day) as rescue medication, were recorded in a diary cardNot mentioned.Patients excluded if physical therapy performed by a physiotherapist at home or in a specialised centre.
Roux et al202007Treatment had not been modified for at least 3 months (analgesics/NSAIDs/osteoarthtis drugs). Patients were in failure of treatment and usual treatments (NSAIDs, analgesics) remained unchanged during the study period.Treatment with splints had not been modified for at least 3 months. Splint treatment remained unchanged during the study period.No other treatment was modified during study period. Therapy not mentioned specifically.
Stahl et al152005Not mentionedNot mentioned.Not mentioned.
  • NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.