Table 1

Baseline participant demographics

Age, years40.6±10.6
Sex, male/female75/28
Education, years13.8±2.5
Job changes, number (range)1.2±0.4 (0–5)
Sickness absences, number2.4±1.1
Admissions, number0.69±0.85
Marital status, single/married42/61
Daily antidepressant dosage, average, mg/day*126.5±62.0
Daily benzodiazepine dosage, average, mg/day†6.85±5.22
HAM-D5 (0–13)
WAIS digit span, total14.4±2.8
 Correct response rate0.85±0.13 (0.45–1.00)
 Correct response reaction time, ms537.4 (335.7–835.5)
 False response rate0.15±0.10
 False response reaction time, n=94601.76±107.83
 0-back correct response, %94.8±7.7
 0-back response time, ms619.0±122.2
 2-back correct rate, %58.6±21.3
 2-back response time, ms701.8±269.2
 3-back correct rate, %56.0±17.7
 3-back response time, ms704.7±202.9
Verbal fluency task
 Letter fluency40.2±9.1
 Category fluency48.1±8.7
  • *Imipramine equivalent.

  • †Diazepam equivalent. Data are reported as mean±SD or as number (IQR).

  • CPT, continuous performance task; DSM-IV-TR, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders fourth edition text revision; HAM-D, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; SASS, Social Adaptation Self-evaluation Scale; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.