Table 4

Influence of female gender of GPs (OR, 95% CIs, robust standard errors) on the primary healthcare indicators according to multilevel logistic regression analysis controlled for age of GP, age and gender of the patients, relative education of patients, practice size, types of settlement and regional location of GMP in 2016 and the ICC of tested models

IndicatorsOR95% CIRobust SEICC (%)
Influenza immunisation (over 65 years)1.030.98 to 1.090.02817.9
Mammography screening (age 45–65 years)1.051.03 to 1.080.0144.8
Serum creatinine measurement1.141.12 to 1.170.0144.1
Lipid measurement1.141.11 to 1.160.0144.6
Beta-blocker application0.980.96 to 1.010.0132.4
HbA1c measurement1.181.14 to 1.230.0228.4
Eye examination1.061.03 to 1.080.0133.3
Management of COPD1.051.01 to 1.090.0194.9
Composite indicator1.081.07 to 1.100.0081.8
  • Reference group is male GPs.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; GMP, general medical practice; GPs, general practitioners; HbA1c, haemoglobin A1c; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient.