Table 1

Included journals (ordered by Google Scholar ranking) and mean adherence to CONSORT items (n=31)

JournalMean (SD)
Addiction (n=65)24.8 (3.2)
Drug and Alcohol Dependence (n=73)19.9 (4.2)
Nicotine & Tobacco Research (n=61)18.8 (4.4)
Addictive Behaviors (n=37)15.4 (4.8)
Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research (n=32)19.7 (5.7)
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (n=19)13.7 (4.5)
The International Journal on Drug Policy (n=1)Mean not calculated
Addiction Biology (n=3)Mean not calculated
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (n=52)18.3 (3.7)
Alcohol and Alcoholism (n=15)19.9 (4.4)
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (n=12)15.6 (4.6)
Drug and Alcohol Review (n=4)Mean not calculated
The American Journal on Addictions (n=13)16.8 (4.4)
Substance Use & Misuse (n=7)Mean not calculated