Table 2

Characteristics of participants

Gender16 female, 16 male
Career stage16 consultants, 16 doctors in training*
Specialty6 anaesthetics†
4 psychiatry
3 paediatrics
3 surgery
3 pathology
2 emergency
2 general internal medicine
2 geriatrics
1 ophthalmology
1 urology
1 obstetrics and gynaecology
1 respiratory
1 dermatology
1 infectious disease
1 radiology
  • *Doctors in training included basic specialist trainees (equivalent to residency in North America) and higher specialist trainees (equivalent to fellowship in North America).

  • †From the pool of volunteers that accepted the invitation to participate, to keep the right mix of gender and career stage (which were considered most important) and a good mix of the other criteria, we ended up with a slightly higher number of anaesthetists than other large specialties.