Table 2

Sections of quality of care tool and the information collected

Tool sectionsData collected
1Before setting outAbout the CHW: Site, age, education, CHW training, length of service
Contents of CHW bag on that day
2Just before and on entry to a householdUnique IDs for fieldworker, CHW, household visit and patient
When last visited this household
How often normally visit
Plan for the visit
Description of dwelling
GPS coordinates
Start time of visit
Where did the visit take place (inside/outside)
Initial introduction by CHW and communication between CHW and householder
3During household visitAge and gender of household members
Health conditions, and health needs identified by CHW
Advice and messages given by CHW
Type of referral if given
CHW’s plan for next steps
Whether patient engaged in making the plans
4After leaving the householdEnd time of the visit
Any communication difficulties between CHW and patient
CHW’s sensitivity to privacy
Did the CHW make notes
Any problems with the consultation (disruptions, negative attitudes from household) or barriers to ensuring patients’ access care
FWs assessment score of CHW visit
CHWs own assessment score of the CHW visit
  • CHW, community health worker; FWs, fieldworkers; GPS, global positioning system.