Table 4

Factors to consider when planning a guideline for people living in camp settings to guide topics, evidence synthesis and the formulation of recommendations

LevelWhat might be differentQuestions to consider
IndividualCamp occupants come from a variety of backgrounds with differing experiences of healthcare.Has their previous occupation and experience with healthcare been considered?
Camp occupants are away from their social and cultural homes.Are there important cultural or religious values or norms (held by the individual, their family or their close social network) that may influence their condition, their perception of their condition, or the acceptability of care being offered?
Camp occupants may have often been subject to multiple, traumatic, stressful and threatening life-events—because of displacement or migration.Are people injured physically or mentally because of their forcible displacement?
How will this affect their acceptance of care being offered?
How will the psychological trauma influence their well-being, perceptions of illness and behaviour?
Camp environmentCamps may be unsafe and unstable.Has the camp environment been considered in relation to the condition they are presenting with, the feasibility, acceptability and likely adherence to the treatment offered?
The conditions in camps (water, living conditions, density, food insecurity) are likely to influence the spread of disease and predispose to common illnesses.Is the recommendation feasible? Does it take these conditions into account?
Healthcare systemsAvailability of services and drugs may vary.Do the recommendations consider alternatives?
Health provider and staff expertise will vary; they may be from a different culture.
They may speak a different language.
Are the recommendations simple and easy to communicate?
Are notes provided about how culture may influence what you might ask or how people might respond?
National contextNational laws may restrict some medical interventions (eg, abortion).Does the guideline flag this to the provider?