Table 3

Topics covered in WHO guidelines that refer to humanitarian settings

TopicWHO guideline
Communicable diseasesPolicy statement on HIV testing and counselling in health facilities for refugees, internally displaced people and other persons of concern.
Treatment of Malaria (3rd Edition) (2015) *
Implementing the WHO STOP TB Strategy (2008) *
Sexual and reproductive healthInter-agency field manual on reproductive health in humanitarian settings (2010 revision)
Mental healthGuidelines for the management of conditions specifically related to stress and MhGAP module assessment management of conditions specifically related to stress (2010) *
Child healthManual for the health of children in humanitarian emergencies (2008)
Nutrition and nutrition interaction with communicable diseasesInfant and young child feeding - model chapter for textbooks for medical students and allied health professionals (2009) *
Baby friendly hospital initiative - revised, updated and expanded for integrated care (2009)*
Communicable diseases and severe food shortage, WHO technical note (2010)
Guidelines on HIV and infant feeding (2016)*
Public health and rehabilitationGuidelines on the use of iodine thyroid blocking in nuclear emergencies (2017)
Communicating risk in public health emergencies (2017)
Community based rehabilitation guidelines (2010)*
  • *Chapter on humanitarian settings in a general guideline.