Table 2

Tracer condition outcome measures used as part of clinical service and study evaluation

Domain measuredOutcome measure
Self-report measures used for clinical service and evaluation (CYPHP Health Check)
Asthma severityAsthma Control Test
Eczema severityPatient-Oriented Eczema Measure
Constipation severityBristol Stool Chart
Bespoke constipation questionnaire
Epilepsy severityBespoke epilepsy questionnaire
Mental health concernsStrengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
Social contextBespoke social screen questionnaire
  • Social deprivation (three items)

  • Parent mental health (one item)

  • Employment (one item)

  • Ethnicity (one item)

Self-report measures used for evaluation
Primary outcome: health-related quality of lifePaediatric Quality of Life Inventory
Economic data on child quality of lifeChild Health Utility 9D
Parental well-beingWarwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale
Health service use (individual-level data linked with consent)
Rate of non-elective admissions
General practice attendances
Emergency department attendances
Outpatient appointment referrals
Outpatient appointment attendances
Ambulatory care sensitive admissions
Proportion of non-elective admissions that are ambulatory care sensitive
Rate (sum per patient-year) of non-elective admissions and outpatient appointment referrals
  • CYPHP, Children and Young People’s Health Partnership.