Table 1

Search strategy for use in PubMed

QueryFieldsSearch term
#1All fieldsepidemiology OR prevalence OR incidence OR burden OR mortality OR morbidity
#2All fieldsfulminant OR acute
#3All fieldshepatic failure OR liver failure
#4All fieldshepatitis a virus OR HAV OR hepatitis b virus OR HBV OR hepatitis c virus OR HCV OR HCV OR hepatitis d virus OR HDV OR hepatitis e virus OR HEV OR epstein-barr virus OR EBV OR herpes simplex virus-1 OR HSV1 OR herpes simplex virus-2 OR HSV2 OR varicella-zoster virus OR VZV OR parvovirus b19 OR human parainfluenza viruses OR yellow fever virus OR YFV OR human herpesvirus 6 OR HHV-6 OR cytomegalovirus OR CMV OR adenovirus OR HAdVs
#5All fieldshumans
#6N/A#1 AND #2 AND #3 AND #4 AND #5