Table 1

Characteristics of participants in the FGIs

Attend. statusEducation levelAge (years)Immigration status
SecondaryLower degree (college)Higher degree (university)29–3940–4950–5960–69Born in NorwayBorn outside Norway
FGI 1 (n=6)>4 years22211316
FGI 2 (n=5)>4 years2213115
FGI 3 (n=6)>4 years15426
FGI 4 (n=2)>7 years11112
FGI 5 (n=4)>7 years1212222
FGI 6 (n=2)>7 years11112
FGI 7 (n=3)>7 years211221
FGI 8 (n=7)>7 years1331337
FGI 9 (n=6)>4 years123246
Total (n=41)20%36%44%29%20%27%24%93%7%
  • FGIs, focus group interviews.