Table 3

Participant demographics

DemographicParticipants (n=23)
Age, year; mean (SD)35 (9)
Male, n (%)13 (57)
Profession, n (%)
 Nurse9 (39)
 Advanced nurse practitioner1 (4)
 Physician2 (9)
 Social worker1 (4)
 Security guard5 (22)
 Medical assistant5 (22)
Institution of primary employment, n (%)*
 Urban academic safety net hospital15 (65)
 Tertiary referral centre4 (17)
 Community hospital4 (17)
Experience in healthcare, years; mean (SD)10 (7)
Experience working in an emergency department, years; mean (SD)6 (5)
  • *For physicians who work at more than one institution, listing reflects where they were working at the time of enrolment.