Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of the cohort of all people who had a new sickness absence (SA) spell ≥21 days due to osteoarthritis that begun between 1 January and 30 June 2010 and proportion of them for whom the SA spell lasted ≥120 days

nProportion (column %) of the cohortProportion (row %) with SA spell ≥120 days
Age (years)
Birth country
 Other Nordic countries2014.141.3
 Other EU25911.930.8
 Rest of the world1984.038.4
Educational level
 Elementary (≤9 years)98420.139.2
 High school (10–12 years)260753.336.3
 University/college (>12 years)130326.625.8
Type of living area
 Large city152431.131.0
 Medium-sized town167534.235.8
Marital status
 Married/registered partnership282457.732.5
Employment status